Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke - Englische Ausgabe

Irish Half-Unical by Arthur Baker - Dover Publications

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Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke - Englische Original-Ausgabe

By Arthur Baker

Considered by many the most beautiful book ever created, Ireland's Book of Kells is renowned for its glorious handwritten script, developed by monks and scribes in the sixth and seventh centuries A.D. One of the most distinctive features of the script is the triangular serif at the top of the letters. For many years, the derivation of the triangular form was a mystery to calligraphers.
Now, in this remarkable new manual, noted calligrapher Arthur Baker reveals how the ancient scribes produced the distinctive triangular serif, an effect that can be traced back to the magnificent capitals of first-century Rome. This easy-to-follow book shows you how to achieve the same results; it is a complete stroke-by-stroke guide to creating each letter of the alphabet in the age-old Celtic manner. Crystal clear instructions also cover pens, inks, work surface, paper and lines, how to hold the pen, and more. An introduction by calligrapher William Hogarth outlines the background of the Kells script and Arthur Baker's contributions to clarifying its origins.
Calligraphy, or the art of beautiful writing, is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity among those who delight in the elegance and artistry of a fine hand. This new stroke-by-stroke manual, by a leading practitioner of the art, details the hand positions, techniques, and tools required to produce the half-uncial style, among the most beautiful and unique writing styles ever invented. 


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